Employers are not calling me back? How to improve the situation…

Waiting for the acceptance callIn a recent article posted on Careerbuilder.com, Beth Braccio Hering discusses, “Why employers are not calling me back?”

The article begins with the reality of the situation.  Pennell Locey, senior consultant for Keystone Associates, a career management consulting firm headquartered in Boston says, “Given the volume of applications an HR office receives, you should not expect a response beyond an automated ‘we received your application’ unless they are interested in interviewing you.”

The question is, “What else can we do to stand out in the crowd of 14.5 million other people looking for work?”  According to the most recent, Household Survey Data, by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of unemployed persons decreased by 556,000 thus still making the unemployment rate a whopping 9.4 percent.

I ask the question again, “How can I stand out when there is an estimated six applicants per one open position?”

Mary Massad, vice president of talent acquisition and retention strategies for Administaff, a professional employer organization headquartered in Houston, Texas shares, “After submitting a job application, it is wise to follow up with a telephone call to the appropriate contact within a week to 10 days.”  Some feel uncomfortable doing this, but this is perceived as really being interested in the position.  It also shows determination and a commitment to follow through.  This is very important to the hiring decision maker.  Go ahead and be uncomfortable here and stand out, it shows initiative.

The follow up should consist of asking a few questions: Did you receive my resume or application?  If not received, ask, “What is the most appropriate way to get it to them?  If they have received it ask, Is there any more information that is needed?”   And this is when you should sell yourself, in a non-pushy-way,  explain why you would be an excellent person for the position and state that you are interested in setting an interview appointment to go over your qualifications.

Next, is a step that I learned in my years as an outside insurance consultant marketing to small businesses.  Find the name of the hiring manager by doing your research.   Find your degrees of separation to the hiring manager, you may be surprised to find someone in your network may have an in to the hiring manager or company.  Then ask if they would be willing to offer an introduction to the hiring manager or at least let the hiring manager to be on the look-out for your resume.

What’s next, after your hard work of job searching and improving your investigating skills?  You have gotten an interview.  Great job!

Now during the interview you must be prepared and manage the expectations of their hiring process.  According to Tracy A. Cashman, partner and general manager of the information technology division of Winter, Wyman — one of the largest staffing firms in the Northeast, “Ask when you can expect to hear from them if you are selected for the next round. Take that date, add a few days to it and then don’t be afraid to politely follow up. Next, you want to immediately send a written follow up thanking them for their time and consideration for the open position.”  Send an email to the person you interviewed with and reiterate your interest in the position and offer any additional information, if any is needed.   And lastly, call the hiring manager to discuss if there is any news on the open position.

Good luck job hunting and I hope this helps.

Byron Watson is an educator, entrepreneur, and investor currently works as an Adjunct Healthcare Medical Assistant Instructor, who looks for ways to, “Add positive value to the lives of others, individually, families, and organizations by coaching and training development.”  He is also Commander of the Paul Revere American Legion Post 623 in Chicagoland, IL. You can email him at paul_revere@att.net and please subscribe to his blog at www.lifeprocoach.wordpress.com and receive updates of his journey of, “Adding Positive Value to the Lives of Others.”


About Byron Watson

I am President and Founder of LifePro Benefits Group, a Training a Development Firm specializing in serving the needs of the community through strategic partnerships that adds value by creating and delivering stimulating training and development seminars and classes in Health & Wellness and many other value add needs for the lives of others to include Business Development, Leadership Development, Personal Development and Patient Care service related courses.

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    Job Seekers: To Improve job search ask your self, “How can I stand out when there is an estimated six applicants per one open position?”

  2. Hi Byron, great points for job seekers. I live in Northern California and the last job I posted via the internet yielded over 100 applications for one position. Pretty scary to me as several applicants lived over 100 miles away. Many had more experience than who I hired, but in the end the person that got the job was the one with the best personality and qualifications who lived the closest to our office. It is a very tough job market out there right now. Thanks for your post. Enjoy your week!

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