Effort: Get Focused! Part 2

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What a blessing!  To carry out my God given mission adding positive value to the lives of others, I have to become more focused. Deciding to commit to our success, we have to become more focused in taking small daily steps which will lead to improvement in any area of your life.

Who doesn’t need to get better at focusing, prioritizing and preparing for the future?

To fully receive the benefit from a blessing, one must be able to be focused in effort, action, and faith.  We must get focused, take a look at each encounter as an opportunity to make ourselves better.

Decide, Commit, Succeed!

Here is what my personal research found about 1st & 2nd Samuel:

The leadership principle in 1Samuel speaks about how God is a sovereign and is always at work “behind the scenes.”  My Bible says, “First Samuel perhaps more than any other book in the Bible, teaches that to effectively lead people we must humbly follow God.”  The benefits of reading 1 Samuel is the tragedy of Saul and the rise of David.  This book teaches about the kind of person God wants to use.  It is an illustration about the difference between playing to people and following hard after God along with consequences of each action—playing to people or following hard after God.

The leadership principle from 2 Samuel speaks about how a leader’s spiritual and moral condition profoundly influences the attitudes and actions of their followers.  The benefit of reading 2 Samuel is that it shares the story of the life and character of David’s passion for God as a model for us.  David wasn’t Jesus—meaning he wasn’t perfect.  David strayed from the path sometimes and always returned to the Lord his God for redemption.

So, by me humbly asking for a blessing, to be a blessing, I now have a list of 28 Topics within the context of “Getting Focused,” along with Six Classes to support leadership development.  Here are the topics:

In order to be a blessing we must choose to be a blessing.  We must pray to have the eyes to see the opportunity and the courage to be open to allowing others to be a blessing and then put forth the effort in to receiving the blessing.

Deciding to commit to our success, we have to become more focused in taking small daily steps which will lead to improvement in any area of life.  How will this decision improve your life and the lives of others. Please Leave Comment.


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I am President and Founder of LifePro Benefits Group, a Training a Development Firm specializing in serving the needs of the community through strategic partnerships that adds value by creating and delivering stimulating training and development seminars and classes in Health & Wellness and many other value add needs for the lives of others to include Business Development, Leadership Development, Personal Development and Patient Care service related courses.

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