I am President and Founder of LifePro Benefits Group, a Training & Development Firm, specializing in serving the needs of the community through strategic partnerships that will add value by creating stimulating training and development seminars and classes in Health & Wellness and many other value added needs for the lives of others to include leadership development and personal development courses. I have added a new service to provide Health Care Advocacy to help our loved ones in navigating the maze of the healthcare industry by an experience health care worker.

My personal mission: Add Positive Value To the Lives of Others, Families, Communities & Organizations by Improving Performance for Maximum Efficiency.

Let us schedule a time for coffee to discuss how my services may add positive value to you and/or your organization.

Performance Improvement Planning

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So my wife and I started another business in our free time.  It’s called Agape Beverages. When I first started my Training & Development business I did not offer free coaching or to design a personal improvement plan as a free sample.  However, Agape Beverages my new family business is COFFEE, and I will be glad to offer you some free samples just because I can!  My coffee is “100% USDA Certified Organic” and I am offering you the opportunity to receive a free sample of coffee just by commenting by liking and subscribing to this page and telling me, “How do you drink coffee (black or with cream and sugar)? Or, do you drink tea (green or black)?  I even have mocha along with hot chocolate.  I will send you the free sample based on your comment and you will receive it by mail at no cost to you.  No strings attached.  You may want to share the coffee with your loved ones too.  Letting me know your honest opinion about the taste would be great too.

Hey, I am in the coffee business and I want to share my great tasting coffee with everyone.

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