Health Advocacy

Health Advocacy

Are you lost in today’s health care system?  Or, are you worried about someone who needs extra support?  I am uniquely qualified to help you with my medical knowledge and experience serving the needs of the healthcare industry.  I believe I can add positive value by serving your needs as your health care advocate.  I am located in Chicagoland area of IL, and I can help you by e-mail, phone, mail, and fax if you live elsewhere.

As your advocate, I will help make sure nothing is overlooked or forgotten.  I will help you with medical appointments, tests, referrals, health insurance forms, finding the answers to your medical questions, and much more. I will work hard to bring you peace of mind and a sense of security. View here: Why having a Health Advocate is a good idea?

Here is a sampling of services that I offer:


Nutritional Supplements Designed for Astronauts

assistance with your doctor and clinic visits

organization of your medical records

finding the answers to your medical questions

availability by phone for questions and support

translation of medical language and concepts

communication with your healthcare provider

internet based research

assistance with health insurance companies

discussion with family members (only if you wish)

visits and advocacy during hospitalization

Services are $50 per hour (in 30 min increments).

At this time; I do not accept Medicare or other insurance policies.  I work for you alone without the limitations imposed by the insurance industry.

Find out why having a Health Advocate is a good idea.

Schedule No Cost Consultation


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